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Life Insurance Quotes Wiz is a FREE SERVICE dedicated to helping you with all of your needs for life insurance quotes. We offer access to a Nationwide network of life insurance, term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance experts waiting to answer all your questions. Choose from 1000's of life insurance policies available!

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Life Insurance Quotes Wiz provides a place to shop in private with no hassles. With a policy in place today, you can:

  • provide security for your family
  • protect your home mortgage
  • look at your estate planning needs
  • look at other retirement saving & income vehicles

People buy life insurance because too often most of their other plans fail. They buy it because they realize the need of protection for their families after their death; or for a reserve for emergencies and additional income for later years. 

"With premiums for term life insurance at their lowest in years, you can get the right protection and a great value." Consumer Reports. More on term life insurance information!

Did you know that a life insurance policy can:

Provide cash and income needs on and immediately following death such as unpaid bills and taxes and other obligations.

Prevent a family's suddenly dropping from its accustomed standard of living after the death of the breadwinner.

  • Provide continuous flow of funds for the living spouse.
  • Allocate income funds for the children's education.
  • Provide a retirement income throughout old age.
  • Provide a reliable savings plan for the future.
  • Supplement income when earning power is destroyed by illness of accidents, such as covering medical expenses.
  • Furnish surplus earnings for the investors should disaster strike.
The bottom line is this: While Life Insurance is not always the insurance product at the forefront of your thoughts, Life insurance is always a friend in time of need.

Life Insurance Wiz: Select the type of insurance quotes you're interested in and fill in the insurance quotes form. It takes less time than one phone call to an agent! Within seconds, you'll know the companies who have the best rates based on your profile.
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